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Kedia Udhyog is one of the leading players in the Indian Timber market. It has carved a niche for itself by providing quality timber at competitive prices. Our product range includes wooden logs, Sawn Wood Timber, Door Frame lumber, furniture wood or furniture lumber.

Our strategic location in the heart of the timber industry in Gujarat has allowed us to develop key relationships, processes and competencies that have kept us competitive and growing since our inception.

We pride ourselves on being able to efficiently source, grade, cut, finish, treat, and ship as per client-specific requirements.

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Softwood Timber is generally categorized into two major categories which are Softwood and Hardwood. Softwood from its name only suggests that the nature and density of the woods are soft. Some of the major softwood used in India are Imported pine (Cut from logs), KD HT Treated German Pine, Spruce, Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), Devdar [...]
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Hardwood Timber

Hardwood Timber One of the other major categories of timber is Hardwood. From its name suggests that time timber’s density is high and is used for various things such as door frames, furniture, panelling , etc. Teak Wood – Teak or “Sagwan” is a hardwood which is generally imported from Ghana (Ghana Teak), Sudan ( [...]
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Decorative Timber

Decorative Timber SYP KD (Southern Yellow Pine) : This Pine Lumber has undergone KDHT moisture treatment and is made of Southern Yellow Pine (SYP PINE). It can be painted or polished and has a smooth texture. Southern yellow pine lumber is chosen for its strength, durability and beauty. It has many important uses, such as [...]
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Plywood/Blockboard MR and BWP Grade Plywood/Block boards : We offer MR/BWR (Moisture Resistant) and Boiling Water Proof (BWP) grade plywood. They are bonded with superior quality of Urea Formaldehyde resin. Our Plywood brand “Chikaku” is sourced from West Bengal and the core is enriched with Meghuni which is a medium hardwood. (It has a pinkish-red [...]
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Pinewood for shuttering construction and export packaging

Pine is a generally imported economical softwood which is mainly used for construction and packaging. We are prominent suppliers of pinewood shuttering battens. We pride ourselves for the competitive rates and finish , as well as our prompt delivery of our products. Kedia Udhyog adheres to quality standards during production, ensuring our customers receive high-quality timber materials each and every time they do business with us.

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