Timber is generally categorized into two major categories which are Softwood and Hardwood. Softwood from its name only suggests that the nature and density of the woods are soft.

Some of the major softwood used in India are Imported pine (Cut from logs), KD HT Treated German Pine, Spruce, Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), Devdar Pine, Chir Pine and a lot more.


Pine is a generally imported economical softwood which is mainly used for construction and packaging. This comes in form of Circle logs which are then processed at our factory. We are prominent manufacturers of shuttering pinewood battens. We pride ourselves for our competitive rates and finish, as well as the prompt delivery of our products. Kedia Udhyog adheres to quality standards during production, ensuring our customers receive high-quality timber materials each and every time they do business with us.


  • Economical softwood lumber
  • High Oil Content which increases repetition in construction.
  • Easy for paneling usage.
  • Excellent timber for export packaging.
  • Different types of Veins, Colour and looks.

Imported KD Pine Lumber

KD Pine Lumber gets imported in finished Cut Sawn Sizes and it has also gone under Kiln and dried treatment (Chemical and heat treatment). The lumber/timber gets dried which decreases the moisture content a lot. German Pine, Canadian Spruce Pine, etc are sypes of imported softwood lumber. We also supply this under premium construction grade with the title of “Devdar).

Construction projects