Hardwood Timber

One of the other major categories of timber is Hardwood. From its name suggests that time timber’s density is high and is used for various things such as door frames, furniture, panelling , etc.

Teak Wood – Teak or “Sagwan” is a hardwood which is generally imported from Ghana (Ghana Teak), Sudan ( Sudan Teak), Tanzania (Tanzania Teak) and Panama (Panama Teak). This timber has tones ranging from whitish brown to Dark brown which is in relation with the grade of timber.

Features and Uses:

  • High strength and density which gives it high weight holding capacity.
  • Good for strong Furniture and wood paneling.
  • Borderpatti or Margin Patti for designs and bordering.
  • Great for door frames material.


Meranti is a hardwood which is generally sourced from regions such as Philippines, Indonesia and east Malaysia.

This timber is generally used for making door frames as its great for carving and the strength is high. The colour tone ranges from Yellowish Red to dark red tones. It has categories such as normal meranti, super meranti and Sinker Meranti.

Construction projects