Decorative Timber

SYP KD (Southern Yellow Pine) : This Pine Lumber has undergone KDHT moisture treatment and is made of Southern Yellow Pine (SYP PINE). It can be painted or polished and has a smooth texture. Southern yellow pine lumber is chosen for its strength, durability and beauty. It has many important uses, such as in interior trim, outdoor decking, flooring, and furniture. It directly imported in sawn sizes.

Features and uses:

  • The colour tones and veins are such which makes it really good for interior decoration purposes.
  • It can be used for panelling, carving, artifacts , decking and a lot more.
  • Rare timber which gives your space a unique look.

Other Decorative Timber:

We have certain unique decorative timbers such has Mahogany and Black Walnut (Rustic Effect tones) which are both hardwood. Mahogany has been used in building great monuments during the British period in India. Its strength is really high and is best used for carving purposes.

Our general decorative timber portfolio includes White Ash, White Oak, teakwood (Borderpatti), and a few others.

Construction projects